Body As Instrument

Fascinating video of Imogen Heap explaining her “gloves” – actually a set of instrumentation that detects body position and gestures and provides haptic and visual feedback to the performer.


Open Source and App Stores

Package management in Perl and Linux may have seeded their existence, but app stores have been hostile to open source and failed to pass on software freedom to users. But that could be changing, and today’s exemplar could be … Microsoft. Read on in InfoWorld today as I lay out the groundwork for the discussion Amanda Brock and I will lead at FOSDEM.

FOSDEM Picks 2013

On ComputerWorldUK, I’ve posted my picks for FOSDEM. I didn’t mention that I’ll also be speaking (about OSI) at the end of Saturday afternoon in the Free Java DevRoom.  I’ve still a few openings for 1:1 meetings too – let me know if you want to meet.  See you there!


Icicles, originally uploaded by webmink.

The thaw in the Deep South is in full swing; even these icicles have dripped away from the office window now.

Governance Lessons from Vert.x

The open discussion that the Vert.x community ended up having because of Tim Fox’s original announcement and the ripples it caused has produced fruit, in the shape of a proposal to join Eclipse. During the journey, there was a helpful exploration of the options open to a community like theirs – my summary is on InfoWorld.

Snowy Branches

Snowy Branches, originally uploaded by webmink.

Snow is something of a novelty where we live, despite being in England. The mildness that results from being on the coast seems somehow magnified by the rivers and the shape of the landscape, with the result that snow almost never settles here. To make the most of the novelty, we took an evening walk and enjoyed the brightness present even at a cloudy dusk.


My weekly FOSS link roundup on ComputerWorld UK for those not following me on Twitter.

About The Java Flaw

Finding the missing details of the zero-day exploit that made the US government tell people to disable Java in the browser was hard. There were plenty of people echoing the advice and commenting on it, but no-one much explaining the problem and in particular why the US government didn’t rescind its advice when Oracle quickly patched the problem. So I went digging; the results are in InfoWorld.

An Open Source Take-Over

By poaching the key developer from VMware, Red Hat has made a chess move derived from extensive experience of open source. It’s gained control over future development of the Vert.x project, triggered a move to independent governance, and negatively framed VMware. This is the 21st-century equivalent of a hostile takeover, as played by experts. Read the full story on InfoWorld.


(While You Were Out, Again)

Today I have a roundup of the digital rights stories that caught my eye over the break, on ComputerWorldUK.

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