PBX Project

I’ve written a bit about my holiday project to try the Raspberry Pi as a PBX over on InfoWorld today.

Could Cloud Terms of Use Kill Your Business?

Business service providers are unlikely to just cut you off on a whim. So why do the terms of use all cloud providers impose leave them with an unquestioned right to do so? The answer is that the legislative environment makes it happen, and is becoming more extreme all the time. They can be struck with copyright notices, patent actions, legal investigations and even direct government requests, and they want to make sure when it happens, they have no liability. Read all about it on InfoWorld.

Why Did Bern Switch?

I had the chance to discuss with a key instigator the background to the decision by the Swiss city of Bern to switch to open source. You can read about it in my column in ComputerWorldUK today.


Neelie Kroes Endorses Open Source

This video message from EU vice president Neelie Kroes includes a fantastic explanation of the benefits of open source for public administrations.


The Princess And The Pea

The Princess And The Pea, originally uploaded by webmink.

Because the internet is still for sharing cat pictures.

And no, she could not tell if there was a pea or not – the other cat could though, which is why it wasn’t her sitting there (this is my daughter’s cat).

MariaDB Foundation

I interviewed Monty Widenius and Andrew Katz about the new MariaDB Foundation.

There’s more in my column for InfoWorld today.

Dawn Tree

Dawn Tree, originally uploaded by webmink.

One of the advantages of the irregular sleep patterns I’ve been experiencing lately post-travel is I get to see the early dawn sometimes. This was the view from the bedroom window this week.

Samba 4 As Anti-Trust Remedy

Has Microsoft got a problem? The extensive new features in Samba 4 make it a viable, license-free, security-certified alternative to Active Directory, and make OpenChange a viable alternative to Exchange. What’s more, Microsoft has participated in testing to make sure they work as advertised. This could be the open source identity solution everyone has been waiting for.

None of this could have happened without Microsoft’s European anti-trust conviction in 2004 and the subsequent purchase of the documentation on behalf of the Samba team in 2007. Could this be the first time an anti-trust settlement has done more than just fine the victor?  My piece in InfoWorld has more.

CDB Not Fit For Purpose

I felt the report from the UK’s Joint Select Committee investigating the draft Communications Data Bill (CDB) needed a tl;dr summary, so wrote one in ComputerWorldUK today.

It’s Not Free If It Cost My Liberty

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