Samba 4 As Anti-Trust Remedy

Has Microsoft got a problem? The extensive new features in Samba 4 make it a viable, license-free, security-certified alternative to Active Directory, and make OpenChange a viable alternative to Exchange. What’s more, Microsoft has participated in testing to make sure they work as advertised. This could be the open source identity solution everyone has been waiting for.

None of this could have happened without Microsoft’s European anti-trust conviction in 2004 and the subsequent purchase of the documentation on behalf of the Samba team in 2007. Could this be the first time an anti-trust settlement has done more than just fine the victor?  My piece in InfoWorld has more.

CDB Not Fit For Purpose

I felt the report from the UK’s Joint Select Committee investigating the draft Communications Data Bill (CDB) needed a tl;dr summary, so wrote one in ComputerWorldUK today.

It’s Not Free If It Cost My Liberty

Another Cat

My own cat is almost never this animated.

No Apologies

“Sorry” is not enough in the days of the tabloids. There’s no way out; they will hound and pursue and compound and imply and demand and decry, treating confession as a spur to further vitriol, apology as a request for lynching and remorse as a spectacle for the baying crowd. Only the wanton and hard-hearted can survive; there’s no path out for those truly human. The threat to the compassionate is immense.


(Skip to +48s if it dosn’t happen automatically.  This amazing track is from Karine Polwart’s album “This Earthly Spell” [UK|US]  – Lyrics)

German Lessons

Why did Munich succeed but Freiburg fail in their open source migrations  Following up from my look at the situation in Freiburg, I tried to distil the differences between the two into a straightforward narrative for InfoWorld today.

A Bad Loser

Donald Trump seems to want us to think he’s an asset to Scotland. All the same, his behaviour there leaves many British people cold. His most recent outburst involved an uncontrolled verbal attack on a brand of scotch whisky because an award they sponsored  honoured Michael Forbes, the man who refuses to sell his land to Trump to allow expansion of his golf resort. The Top Scot award was decided by public vote, not by the distiller or even the event promoter, so exactly why Trump thinks this is appropriate escapes me.

The golf resort in question is already a source of unhappiness for Scots. Trump bought a wild, beautiful Site of Special Scientific Interest and ruined it to create the original resort, as Karine Polwart beautifully illustrates in her song “Cover Your Eyes”:


If you can’t bring yourself to buy a few bottles of Glenfiddich to express your contempt for this attempted bullying, consider buying Karine’s fantastic album Traces instead (UK|US) – Karine and the album are both shortlisted for the BBC Folk Awards.

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