WebDAV Direct

LibreOffice can connect natively to a WebDav server, apparently. Here’s another video in the same series as the ones I posted about CMIS connections, showing LibreOffice connecting to a WebDAV server (in this case running on a Raspberry Pi!). More of a swiss-army-knife of document access every day.


Python Issue Slithers Away?

Looks like Python Hosting is no more. I’ve seen nothing official, but I note from veber.co.uk that the new name for their cloud hosting is Veber Cloud.  My story at InfoWorld today has a few updates on what I wrote earlier in the week. Let’s hope this means the trademark application will also be withdrawn.

Open Source Document Management

I’ve not tried a document management system before, but these videos of LibreOffice checking documents in & out of document management systems via the new CMIS interfaces added in LibreOffice 4.0 make it look really easy. I’d like to try a group collaboration using one of these systems.

This video shows how to do it with Alfresco:

This video of using the same featiure with Nuxeo shows it’s just as easy with any CMIS-enabled document management system:

I wonder if there’s any hope of public services like Google Drive or Dropbox or GitHub offering support for the CMIS standard?

Rome’s Answer To Milton Keynes

High Roman Wall, originally uploaded by webmink.

We went walking yesterday around the remains of the Roman town Calleva Atrebatum in Silchester, Hampshire. This was an large, bustling town at the focal point of England’s road network in Roman times. It appears to have been the distribution hub for Roman Britain, just like the modern purpose-built town of Milton Keynes.

It declined when the Romans left, and was finally killed off in the 13th century by the Black Death. A great deal of the enormous town wall remains standing, enclosing otherwise almost empty farm land.

Python – Why Is There Even An Issue?

English: Python logo Deutsch: Python Logo

Python logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

As soon as I heard about the trademark dispute concerning Python, I tried to contact both sides and understand why there was even an issue. I got through straight away to the Python Software Foundation, but the other party – a UK company called POBox Hosting – waited until Monday afternoon to put me through to their CEO. The result was pretty extraordinary – someone in the hosting business who essentially hadn’t heard of Python until last Friday. Read about it on ComputerWorldUK.

Unitary Patent Over-simplified By IoS

The IoS may have uncritically picked up the messaging the UK’s “Intellectual Property Office” has been spreading, but the likely outcome of the unitary patent is likely to be much less savoury. Rather than helping small business, this new regulation introduces yet another threat against small business owners, especially those basing their business on open source software who have no corporate sugar-daddy to protect them. Read why on ComputerWorldUK.

Eat Your Heart Out King Arthur

Made locally by D B Fletcher.


Learning from LibreOffice

LibreOffice is built from a large legacy codebase that dates back over 20 years. It includes millions of lines of code, can be compiled for a wide range of platforms and incorporates the ideas from long-superseded approaches to programming. Meanwhile, the LibreOffice development community is diverse, international and distributed. Bringing together the immovable object with the irresistible force has resulted in all sorts of interesting innovation. Read about it in my InfoWorld column this week.


A Real Love Song

For Valentine’s Day, here’s a song about real love.

That’s Who Are We Fooling, by Brooke Fraser and Aqualung.  Amazon UK will give you £1 to buy any track if you have a Facebook account and tell them your favourite today (assuming you’re in the UK).

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