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LibreOffice can connect natively to a WebDav server, apparently. Here’s another video in the same series as the ones I posted about CMIS connections, showing LibreOffice connecting to a WebDAV server (in this case running on a Raspberry Pi!). More of a swiss-army-knife of document access every day.


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  1. Not really a new feature. Here is a description from way old Sun/StarOffice/OpenOffice.org days:
    (Originally you had to manually type in a full URL. That’s a bit nicer now.)

    It has always been a hidden secret what ‘Use …Office dialogs’ can do, so definitely worth a reminder once in a while …

    • . Gah! Where has the URL to Jogi’s blog gone? Retrying: https://blogs.oracle.com/jogi/entry/using_webdav_or_mac_with

    • Now that LibreOffice has grid-based layouts perhaps it can make those dialogs good enough to enable by default.

  2. […] WebDAV Direct […]

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