Sun Friends On The Move

I see that two friends I worked with at Sun — most notably creating — are on the move.

  • Danese Cooper has decided that she can take on one more corporation’s move towards open source and has been appointed Head of Open Source at PayPal. Danese headed up the open source work at Sun before I took it on. The very best of luck to her there – plenty that can be achieved for software freedom with that fulcrum…
  • Tim Bray meanwhile is giving up his fulcrum at Google. Tim was the editor of the XML specification and a driving force of developer-focussed openness at Sun. Seems that despite being the company behind all the distributed team working tools I use, they still insist on centralising all their staff rather than having them work remotely. Looking forward to seeing (or, indeed, collaborating on…) whatever Tim does next.

I also see from LinkedIn that it’s four years since the death of Sun. That’s something of a magic number in career terms so I expect to see more moves in the news soon.

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  1. I’m also on the move — just started with WSO2 as Director of Developer Relations. It’s great to have 100% open source portfolio of products!

    While I was not technically an employee of Sun, I was founding editor of JavaWorld and one of founding editors of SunWorld Online before launching IBM developerWorks as Editorial Director.

    I suspect we’ll be talking more soon!

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