See you at OSCON?

I'm Speaking at OSCON 2012 (size 300 X 250)

I’ve news.

  • My talk – about why OSI is more relevant than ever – has been accepted for OSCON in Portland in July.
  • Even better, OSI has been allocated one of the non-profit stands in the exhibit area, which will be used for the new Membership schemes we’ve been working on (BIG news coming soon!).
  • Even better than that, O’Reilly tell me that if you quote the code WEBMINK on the enrolment form, you’ll get a 20% discount on any OSCON attendee package!
  • And best of all, for every five people who use the code to sign up, I will get one free pass to donate to a deserving community member.

Book Me In The USA!

If you’d like me to speak at your corporate event, user group or conference in the USA, you’ll be interested to know that I expect to be in the USA in mid-July and in November 2012. Please visit my Events page to find out more.

Speaking in San Jose, May 15

There’s a new speaker series being organised and hosted by PayPal at their campus in San Jose. I am honoured to be their inaugural speaker, on May 15th at 7pm. Do come along – I’m keen for there to be a lively Q & A at the end!

☝ Lessig! Doctorow! London!

The Open Rights Conference is coming up in London on March 24 and has a glittering array of speakers including Lawrence Lessig and Cory Doctorow. Read all about it over on ComputerWorldUK!

☂ Blast from the past

I found I still had a blog on, so I’ve posted a quick note about FOSDEM there!

✈ T-DOSE in Eindhoven

I’m just setting out for Eindhoven in The Netherlands, where I will be delivering the keynote at 10:00 tomorrow (Saturday November 5th) at T-DOSE. I’ll be considering how open source springs from a wider trend that also includes the Occupy* movement, and explaining why businesses should specify software freedom in their procurement activities. I’d love to see you there!

✈ Radical Openness in Lyon

Next week I will be speaking at the fOSSa conference in Lyon, France. The theme for the day is “openness” and I have the day’s closing slot. Here’s the abstract I’ve sent:

Our society – government, laws, economy, businesses, education – all evolved in response to the hub-and-spoke economy of the industrial revolution and its perfection in the mid 20th century. But today’s society has a different topology – a peer-to-peer mesh. Open source helps us to understand why radical openness is actually the rational response and the workable path forward. I’ll explore these topics and explain why software freedom needs to be our inspiration.

If you can be there, I’d love to see you!  This, by the way, is my 600th post on Wild Webmink.

☝ Removing Obstructions

Last week I was in Paris as a guest of The Document Foundation to speak at their first annual LibreOffice Conference. It was my honour to make the opening remarks at the opening reception, hosted by the government of the Paris region. You can read my remarks on ComputerWorldUK.

♫ Whitacre Concert

If you were blissed-out by the amazingly beautiful choral music I linked to on Bank Holiday Monday, and if you happen to live within reach of London, you will definitely want to check out the concert that composer and conductor Eric Whitacre is organising in mid-October.

If the review of last year’s equivalent performance is anything to go by, it should be splendid, although there’s no detailed programme listed on the web site yet. The review says:

Eric is almost too good to be true. Along with his musical gifts and rock star-ish appearance (complete with a mane of blonde hair that makes you think of surfboards, though he comes from Nevada), Whitacre is also a ridiculously relaxed communicator, setting up each composition with anecdotes and droll asides.

His comments on Twitter suggested early on that he will be performing some new compositions as well as works from his wonderful album Light & Gold, which I have been playing repeatedly ever since it arrived from Amazon UK (it’s also on Amazon US). From the blog posting, he’s definitely performing the Grace he composed for Sidney Sussex College, Cambridge:

as well as premièring other new works. So buy some tickets and I’ll see you there!

☆ OggCamp Approaching

If you’re in the south of England (or want to travel here) don’t forget that OggCamp is being held this weekend.

OggCamp 11 is a free two-day unconference (unscheduled conference) for anyone who loves anything related to technology, data, culture, community, open source…and more!

It’s in Farnham, just off the M3, and you’ll want to arrive early on Saturday to be more likely to gain admission as all the advance tickets appear to have sold out.

It’s a hybrid event with a planned track (on which I am speaking Saturday morning) and with an audienced-planned unconference along side. It is sure to be lively and interesting, not least because of the organisers who are from two of the more colourful software freedom podcasts!

See you there!

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