✈ In Sunlight

Today has been a beautiful day in Paris, spent walking and talking in the brilliant autumnal sunlight with dear and charming friends – which has been the theme for the whole weekend, actually. The distance between here and the things that usually hold my attention could hardly be greater and it’s an unusual but welcome break from routine.
All the devices with me are perfectly capable of relaying the e-mail, social networks, instant messages and more, but the combination of the HADOPI-inspired absence of open WiFi hotspots and the self-destructively over-priced 3G data roaming (hey Orange: if it was cheaper people would buy it and you’d make more money, not less) means I spend my vacation days here in the heart of Europe blissfully unaware of the rest of the electronic world.

Which I suppose is by way of apologising for not answering any e-mails this week!

✈ Radical Openness in Lyon

Next week I will be speaking at the fOSSa conference in Lyon, France. The theme for the day is “openness” and I have the day’s closing slot. Here’s the abstract I’ve sent:

Our society – government, laws, economy, businesses, education – all evolved in response to the hub-and-spoke economy of the industrial revolution and its perfection in the mid 20th century. But today’s society has a different topology – a peer-to-peer mesh. Open source helps us to understand why radical openness is actually the rational response and the workable path forward. I’ll explore these topics and explain why software freedom needs to be our inspiration.

If you can be there, I’d love to see you!  This, by the way, is my 600th post on Wild Webmink.

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