TDF Keeps Up The Pressure

The release of LibreOffice 4.0 continues the regular drumbeat of feature releases (coupled with maintaining a known-stable earlier version) that’s a signature strategy for The Document Foundation. While a lot of the long-term investment they’ve made has been in cleaning the code, speeding it up and making it more stable, there are also important features in the new release that improve LibreOffice’s enterprise value, such as CMS integration, MS Visio 2013 support and support for large spreadsheets and XML data import. Overall, the pressure on Microsoft to innovate remains high. Read more on InfoWorld.

LibreOffice 4.0

Some significant new features here, especially the CMS integration with Alfresco, Sharepoint and others. The interoperability continues too – LibreOffice is increasingly the “Swiss Army knife” of file importers, able to create ODF from just about anything. Impressive work.

Neelie Kroes Endorses Open Source

This video message from EU vice president Neelie Kroes includes a fantastic explanation of the benefits of open source for public administrations.


MariaDB Foundation

I was pleased yesterday to see the MariaDB community starting the process of creating a Foundation to host open collective governance for their community. I’ll be interviewing Monty on Monday in a live webcast at 5pm; watch my Google+ stream for the hangout. Meanwhile, I’ve written a short news item on InfoWorld about the Foundation.

MyGOSSCon Slides

I gave a presentation yesterday in Malaysia on the forces driving change in open source; here are the slides.

Open, Free and Commercial

Driving Open Source

Here’s my interview with this month’s Oracle Java Magazine about the forces driving open source and the need for open source skills.


About OSI

I recorded a short interview explaining OSI Membership while I was at Open World Forum.


Thanks to for the opportunity to tell people how to join!


This visualisation of activity on the LibreOffice code repository rocks!



The Forces Of Open

No Entry Sign With Helper Lifting Bar

What’s driving open source? That was the question InfoWorld asked me to explore for a feature-length article. I spent a good deal of time over the summer thinking about it, and went on to present some ideas as the opening keynote at the eighth International Conference on Open Source Systems in September.

My conclusion is that the key forces driving open source – both for good and bad – are:

  1. The rise of open source foundations
  2. The number of licensing choices available, and how they are understood
  3. The threat of software patents and responses to it
  4. Cloud computing and the usage modalities it induces
  5. Big data and the change in the value point of software it implies

I’m continuing to work on these ideas and welcome input.

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