♥ Thinking of OOoCon

Hungarian Parliament, originally uploaded by webmink.

My best wishes to all my friends attending the OpenOffice.org conference in Budapest this week. With all of the ups and downs and pluses and minuses of the OpenOffice.org project, it is still entirely remarkable what it has achieved over the decade since Sun made it open source, most notably:

  • Forced Microsoft to open up their file formats – ODF is a true phenomenon and one of the wonders of the FOSS world
  • Provided true competition for productivity software in public administrations globally
  • Kept going all these years!

Whatever happens next for the project (and I sincerely hope it’s excellent), we can all be proud of what we’ve achieved collectively against all odds. Have a great conference, and enjoy visiting the Hungarian Parliament (pictured above, feel free to use my photo!)

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