☞ Changing Law

  • Groklaw has some useful extra information that helps cast light on the dynamics of the Novell patent sale.
  • I’ve been watching the impressive progress that copyright reform has been taking in Brazil for a long time. I had strong hopes that it would provide a template for reforms elsewhere in emerging societies and set in train a global wave of reforms. This appointment seems a major setback and I hope it will turn out that the (very smart) people driving copyright reform in Brazil will prevail.
  • I’m always very wary of new laws attempting to regulate the online world, as most of what happens there is just an analogue of what happens in atomspace and is thus well covered by existing law. However, it seems convictions have proved impossible in obviously unjust circumstances so maybe this one is justified. I hope California will be ready to tune it up when the bugs and unintended consequences emerge.
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