☏ URGENT: Has Your MEP Signed The ACTA Written Declaration?

Geeks Vote Too logoHere is a list of MEPs for UK constituencies. As of now, none of these MEPs has signed the Written Declaration on ACTA.It’s entirely possible one of them is representing you – or rather, failing to do so.

Since we now only need nine more signatures in the next two days to enact this Written Declaration (which is not extreme – it makes very reasonable statements about the European Parliament’s attitude towards ACTA), you can make a real difference by calling your MEP or if you prefer using WriteToThem, and asking them to sign the Declaration so that the attempt at an end-run round democracy is rejected by the Parliament. You might want to say something like:

As a constituent I am worried that the Anti-Counterfeiting Trade Agreement that’s being secretly negotiated internationally may well use a treaty to impose terms that have neither been discussed nor agreed by you in the European Parliament. Please will you sign Written Declaration 12/2010 right away (before it expires on Wednesday night) so that the Commission knows that the Parliament will not accept a fait accomplis?

The following had NOT signed at 11pm UK time on Monday:

  • William (The Earl of) DARTMOUTH
  • John Stuart AGNEW
  • Richard ASHWORTH
  • Gerard BATTEN
  • Godfrey BLOOM
  • Sharon BOWLES
  • Philip BRADBOURN
  • John BUFTON
  • Martin CALLANAN
  • Michael CASHMAN
  • Derek Roland CLARK
  • Trevor COLMAN
  • Nirj DEVA
  • Diane DODDS
  • James ELLES
  • Nigel FARAGE
  • Vicky FORD
  • Ashley FOX
  • Julie GIRLING
  • Daniel HANNAN
  • Richard HOWITT
  • Stephen HUGHES
  • Syed KAMALL
  • Sajjad KARIM
  • Timothy KIRKHOPE
  • Elizabeth LYNNE
  • David MARTIN
  • Linda McAVAN
  • Arlene McCARTHY
  • Emma McCLARKIN
  • Claude MORAES
  • Paul NUTTALL
  • Brian SIMPSON
  • Peter SKINNER
  • Struan STEVENSON
  • Catherine STIHLER
  • Charles TANNOCK
  • Geoffrey VAN ORDEN
  • Derek VAUGHAN
  • Glenis WILLMOTT

If you can’t remember who your MEPs are, open WriteToThem in a new tab or window, enter your postcode and check down the list. If you’re in Europe but outside the UK, the list on Quadrature can be sorted by country for you to check.

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