☆ A Sandman Reading List

Full moon rising over cloudAfter a few postings in various places, it’s clear quite a few of my readers are fans of Neil Gaiman‘s “Sandman” series of graphic novels. If that includes you, you may need some gift ideas to give friends and relatives, so here’s a list of meta-Sandman books that you may find useful. I already have Hy Bender’s book and really like it as a casual reference; the rest are on my wish-list if you’re feeling generous!

  • Sandman Companion (Hy Bender)UKUS
  • The Sandman Papers (Joe Sanders)UKUS
  • The Neil Gaiman Reader (Darrell Schweitzer)UKUS
  • The Sandman And Joseph Campbell: In Search Of Modern Myth (Stephen Rauch)UKUS

If the theory of myth fascinates you after reading those titles, you may find these two classics interesting – the first is more accessible and modern but the second is a must-have and since it’s out of copyright you can also get a free eBook version from various sources, like the US Kindle edition.

  • The Hero With A Thousand Faces (Joseph Campbell)UKUS
  • The Golden Bough (Sir James George Fraser)UKUS

I can also recommend the Absolute Sandman series. These are gorgeous tooled leather omnibus editions of the books, printed for long-term collectors and delivered in a heavy slip-case (buy some gloves for handling them!). The first four contain the main series, and the fifth contains the “extras”. I have all of them apart from Volume 5.

  • Volume 1 – UKUS
  • Volume 2 – UKUS
  • Volume 3 – UKUS
  • Volume 4 – UKUS
  • Volume 5 – UKUS

There’s also an Absolute edition of the spin-out mini-series, Absolute Death (UK, US).

I hope Santa (or your equivalent ironic embodiment of religio-mythic gift-giving) brings you just the gifts you’re seeking from these lists!

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