☞ Keys To Freedom

  • The Freedom Box project will succeed or fail on whether it works “without sysadmin”. If only trained sysadmins can figure out how to be free, the society won’t be free. It’s like the early days of the telephone, when they couldn’t figure how to scale up the system without having every third person be a trained “Operator”.

    While I am very much a supporter of Freedom Box as an initiative (I’ve even made a modest contribution to it), this comment is spot on.

  • The Consumer’s Dilemma License

    The resulting consumer dilemma is a ubiquitous experience in medium and low-income countries but one that confronts the American or European reader (or the media company employee conjured up by the commercial reader license) much less frequently and with much less intensity.  The global market is made for those consumers.  It is priced and distributed for them.  They are rarely faced with what they experience as ridiculous pricing for a DVD or book–or seriously disadvantaged by differential pricing.

    Fascinating experiment to create for westerners the same experience that causes unauthorised use of copyright materials in other places round the world. I expect the report is interesting too, but I doubt I’ll be reading it!

  • This is a very good outcome. What makes it most welcome is that it shows there’s a growing number of MEPs who understand the issues surrounding the importance of the Internet to vote the right way. We need to build on this with more education and especially with positive reinforcement for those involved.
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