☞ Mission Creep

  • There are some very worrying phrases in this legislative push, suggesting that the lobbying by big corporations to get rules that favour them is working. Most worrying is the complaint in connection with the digital agenda that “getting patents is too hard”. No! It’s far, far too easy to get patents on digital technologies and the public commons suffers each time one is issued due to the extreme imbalance that allows them to ve treated as property instead of as responsibility. I smell advance work to clear the path for ACTA ratification…
  • Once again “protecting children” is being used as the pretext to introduce a badly-considered stream of legislation that would result in web searches being retained and analysed – yes, more surveillance. Apparently MEPs are being told just that it’s for the children, without having the consequence that every search by every citizen will be archived and retained. Write to your MEP and ask them not to sign or to withdraw their signature.
  • This is a very worrying development that looks like an abuse of power. It’s extending the law surely beyond where it was ever intended by lawmakers and then being supported by courts. One of these cases will need to make its way to the Supreme Counrt. There’s just as worrying a trend in the UK, of police using massively heavy photographic activity against the public while unjustly restricting photography by the publoc.
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