☞ Open Source and Muppets

  • Here’s a view I’d not considered: “Just less than 3 years ago, Microsoft was still perceived as part of the “evil” empire. … But in a reversal of fortune, customers now worry about Google lock-in, fret over Oracle’s quest to dominate IT through M&A, wonder how hardware vendors will become software providers and vice versa, and remain in shock as Apple’s proprietary and closed approach over takes Microsoft’s market cap. … more than 74.6% (53/71) see Microsoft as the neutral and trusted supplier.”
  • Written by Lawrence Livermore Laboratories.
  • Can’t say this is a huge surprise. It co-incides with the final legal entity combination of many subsidiaries that have been left to wait for months to get integrated. Even now there are some Sun subsidiaries that aren’t actually legally combined into Oracle.
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  • Lovely historical footage.
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