☞ BCS Rebels Finally Get A Voice

Rajan Anketell, one of the signatories calling the BCS EGM, said in a broadcast e-mail:

“You will already be aware of the EGM call, of which I am a signatory. You will also be aware of all propaganda (much of it inaccurate) put out by the Chief Executive and President. You may not be aware that our request for equal access to the BCS IT resources and the membership has been denied. This denial of equal opportunity is in contrast to that adopted by the IET at the EGM a few years ago. So this email is an attempt to put our case to you and respectfully ask that whatever your own views are on the EGM you forward it in the spirit of fair play. This will give members the opportunity to see the real reasons why the EGM was called and make up their own minds on how to vote.”

He then pointed to the following sites, which I wholeheartedly encourage everyone to read:

  • Well worth reading – a rational set of issues from rational and experienced people. The fact the BCS leadership has sought to frame these people as Luddites merely amplifies the authority with which they speak. The BCS press office and leadership are doing there best to keep this all quiet and represent none of these views on the “official” web site – let’s make sure they get heard.
  • The EGM rebels have finally been able to put together a web site responding to the well-funded attacks their own professional society has been making against them. Tell everyone, becuase I doubt the BCS will do so.

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