☞ Freedom and Secrets

  • Not only is the patent system broken (it has forgotten to protect the public good in return for granting a temporary monopoly), but it turns out that thousands of the things are kept secret.

    Shaped for an analog age where businesses were control points in a disconnected society, patents have become sinkholes for money and innovation in the connected digital age, allowing unjust monopolisation and chilling of network effects.

    We are so overdue reform of the patent system, in the UK, the US and pretty much everywhere else.

  • Great round-up by Brenda of recent developments on ACTA, worth taking a look. The moves by India to start a rebellion are especially welcome.
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  • Great to see that there’s thinking about copyright reform in progress in the UK, even if it’s a bit inaccessible.
  • In which we are reminded of the context and the full quote from which the phrase is extracted and realise that it is being spun by those who prefer control to individual liberty.

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