☞ Innovation, and how to prevent it

  • The trend for VC-free startups is strong, and Dale’s article makes for interesting reading. ForgeRock is another example of a VC-free startup, and I’d say we fit Dale’s profile pretty well. This is not to say we will never seek investment now we’re bootstrapped, of course, but the idea of a VC-funded company aiming solely at an exit to recoup the initial investment was one we all disliked.
  • Well worth taking the time to read this story of the attempt by Thomas Edison to take control of the nascent movie industry using patent suits, an industry association as a heavy-handed enforcer and then a patent pool as the weapon against any company daring to innovate or meet actual customer demand.

    Yes, there is nothing new in the actions of Paul Allen, the RIAA and BSA or of MPEG-LA, it’s all been done before. Reading this really leaves me wondering why massive patent and copyright reform haven’t both happened already.

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