☞ Monday Links

  • Stephen Colebourne articulates what I am sure has been on many people’s minds – that it’s time for an independent JCP, and that the only way Oracle would tolerate such a thing would be to remove core Java from the JCP. This is the start of a great proposal and I hope it receives recognition, serious consideration and a response from Oracle.
  • While I agree with the article which I beieve is a well observed reflection on politics and society, I disagree with the title as a general statement as I believe open, meriticractic oligarchy to be the proven and true pattern for open source governance.
  • Mendelbrot is someone I would have loved to have met. We were both at IBM at the same time, so it might have been possible, but we never did. His work has profoundly influenced me. I believe he discovered a new fundamental aspect of reality that we will continue to discover allows us to objectively explore and explain things previously thought to be purely subjective. One of the greats of the 20th century has left our community, and left it immeasurably richer.
  • This could be a profound health breakthrough for men.
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