☞ Exits and Endings

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  • Another of the key Solaris guys quits. A key figure in the development the ZFS storage appliance as well as of DTrace in Solaris kernel engineering, Mike was also the guy that shut down OpenSolaris for Oracle. I’m not sure there’s anyone left from the team of superstars whose new inventions made Solaris 10 so great.
  • “I believe that the JCP is no longer a credible specification and standards body, and there is no remaining useful role for an independent advocate for the academic and research community on the EC.”

  • James Gosling calls Steve Jobs on a serious untruth he’s spreading about the Java port. Truth is we always preferred platform providers to manage the port of Java as it led to a much better developer and user experience all round to have all the twiddly bits (especially the UI) done by the platform owner.
  • “LibreOffice is, after all, and until proven otherwise, a downstream version of OpenOffice.org, and as such deserves inclusion into the OpenOffice.org community. As for the fork itself, and because we’re still a downstream version of OpenOffice.org, forks become forks only when one of the boys refuse to play ball with the others; and the Oracle team of OpenOffice.org just did that.”

    Charles leaves the OO.o Community Council and leadership of the national language team. As someone once said, Rehost And Carry On.


  • I completely rely on TripIt to gather all the diverse information about my travel schedules, and the Pro add-on makes them monitor the flights automatically and keep track of all the points on the frequent travel programmes. Even if they weren’t offering me a miniscule incentive to write about it (which they are – entry in a draw), I would recommend anyone who travels once a month or more to splash out on Pro for TripIt. This link gets you a discount until the start of November.
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