☞ Apache Quits The JCP

  • The Apache Software Foundation quits Java’s governing body claiming that

    “[the] JCP is not an open specification process … Java specifications are proprietary technology that must be licensed directly from the spec lead under whatever terms the spec lead chooses”

  • Oracle’s response to Apache quitting the JCP, which pointedly ignores their actual reasons for doing so and instead pretends they are in some way anti-Java or anti-progress.
  • Apache’s President lays in to Oracle as Apache quits both the EC and the JCP, not least over their statement that “Oracle provides TCK licenses under fair, reasonable, and non-discriminatory terms consistent with its obligations under the JSP.”


  • Exposed: TSA’s X-rated scanner fraud
    Interesting report of independent analysis suggesting reliance on nudie-scanners will lead to a false sense of security given they are easily fooled.

One Response

  1. “Oracle has responsibility to move Java forward.” This needs the services of a good cartoonist … Java, moving forward, into the maw of a voracious Oracle-beast.

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