☞ Delicious Fiction

  • As well as being a fellow digital rights activist, Cory Doctorow is one of my favourite authors and an entrepreneur too. His latest book, “With A Little Help”, is self-published and he’s trying every approach possible to make it succeed in the ways we’re both advocating for the new meshed society. This link will let you download – for free – the entire audio book. I am really looking forward to his experience report of this whole venture.
  • Back when he was my boss, Hal Stern expressed an interest in being introduced to Cory Doctorow. I arranged the introduction, and the result was a delicious blend of fandom and friendship that’s still persisting. Hal just took delivery of his limited edition copy of Cory’s new book, and the resulting book-porn makes a lovely read itself!
  • Whereas my US friends used to look in envy on the Doctor Who Christmas Special, it seems the BBC has got wise to demand and made it available through Amazon US almost immediately for on-demand viewing or DRM-ed-to-death offline viewing.
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