☞ Worse Before It Gets Better


  • Cute Christmas story.
  • It seems James Burke’s “Connections” series is available on YouTube – this page has links to the whole series.
  • Just found the motherlode of UK Amazon MP3 free downloads – seems there are a large number of large sampler albums for “TuneCore” on there. Busy downloading them, there has to be something good in there somewhere 🙂

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  1. Do you really think that the Sunstein/Carey piece really portrays the finding as a good thing? I didn’t get that at all. It is factual throughout, taking neither side. Only the last paragraph is not balanced, since it is offering advice to copyright holders rather than consumers, but that is natural, as the holders are presumably their target audience. Even then, it does not show any belief that the finding is a good thing, only reporting the best practical strategy for dealing with them.

    • Yes, it’s there all the way through, Brian. Their disbelief at the stupidity (in their eyes) of the 5th circuit up there at the top all the way down to the view that the 9th is finally getting it right.

      • You’re right – I don’t think I’ve ever seen more biased coverage from someone who is supposedly professional! If you read that as a neutral then I’d hope people would see the stupidity of the law.

        I’m just glad I live in the UK – although I’m not entirely confident that we don’t/won’t have similar rulings ourselves!

        As for TuneCore, I downloaded over 10% of those 1200+ free MP3s on Amazon UK – something in the region of 1.3GB! There’s lots of junk in there, and some of the ones that sounded reasonable from the sample aren’t that great, but you can’t complain for a freebie 🙂

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