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When we started last year, it was thrilling to see how many companies responded when we asked who would be interested in reselling ForgeRock subscriptions, consulting on the projects and delivering training. Over eighty former Sun partners contacted us.

But customers asked us, out of all those community partners, who we would recommend locally, who did we trust. We started thinking about how to identify key business partners from the community partner list, and have spent the last two months gradually working our way country by country through the list. The result? Take a look at the map.

Today was a particularly satisfying day in that process – our first UK partner. Members of the UK open source community will be familiar with Mark Taylor and his company Sirius, probably the UK’s leading supplier of open source IT services (especially to local government and the public sector). I’m delighted to say that Sirius is ForgeRock’s first full UK partner. We’ve added them to the map and I’m really looking forward to working with Mark and his excellent team to deliver open source identity solutions across the UK.

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  1. Congratulations to both of you!

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