☞ DoJ Agrees With OSI and FSF

  • As OSI and FSF requested, the US DoJ is taking a closer look at the Novell patent sale to CPTN, according to Novell’s revised filing:

    “Also on February 2, 2011, each of CPTN and Novell received a Second Request from the DOJ regarding the sale of certain identified patents and patent applications to CPTN contemplated by the Patent Purchase Agreement. The Second Requests have the effect of extending the waiting period under the HSR Act until 30 days after both parties have substantially complied with the Second Requests, unless the waiting period is earlier terminated. Novell is in the process of gathering information to respond to this Second Request and is continuing to cooperate fully with the DOJ in connection with its review. “

  • Detailed exploration on Groklaw.


  • The very best thing to do is write back and say “you are mistaken, we only use open source software and there is no need for any audit”. But if you can’t honestly say that, this looks like the best advice.
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