☞ Community Effects

  • It took just a week for over 2000 donors to donate the €50,000 that The Document Foundation needed to act as their capital reserve in order to be registered in Germany as a “Stifftung” (capital-based non-profit trust). Once again an example of the amazing community support that’s present in the community upon which LibreOffice can draw. If they can also harness that support to provide operating income, at least to get started, we have just seen a new force on a par with the Mozilla Foundation created.
  • Hard to believe how badly Canonical have allowed this situation to become in their pursuit of so little money. Is it just me imagining it or have Canonical made a series of surprisingly tone-deaf community moves recently?
  • Very plausible analysis from Fabrizio here. My view is that Nokia’s desperate position is the result of failing to create true community around their offerings in a way that allowed confident operation of the meshed-competitive dynamic that operates in open source. I honestly can’t see Microsoft changing that.
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