☞ Privacy and Transparency

  • The biggest threat to your privacy is not the disclosure of any one piece of data. It’s triangulation across all the data you’re disclosing. This piece of software is more performance art or prophecy than bad-faith threat, but it’s definitely a wake-up call to us all to be aware of the data we are all scattering across the web and how vulnerable we all are to data mining and triangulation.
  • Americans! Under the spurious cover of budget necessity, vested interests who would prefer the bright lights of transparency to be turned off are attacking a wide range of the new initiatives that only just got started to make your government accountable. Sign up here to tell them you’re watching and they should stop.
  • The degree to which “mission creep” has allowed the media industry to become a tool for a wide variety of vested interests to ratchet up controls that do nothing but harm citizens is incredible. I never cease to be amazed by the degree to which our political representatives act against the majority interests and in favour of rich minorities with lobbyists. Can’t they see it? Surely the injustice is in plain view?
  • Good to see the process continuing. Hope it leads to good things for us all.
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