☞ Spin-Policy-Defense

  • While it’s not instantly obvious from Mitchell’s blog posting, which verges on concealment in plain sight, the deal here is that the Mozilla spin-out to make Thunderbird as dynamic as Firefox hasn’t worked and the project is being folded back into Mozilla Labs. A great shame, because the e-mail market needs disrupting now more than ever. It would be interesting to see an honest appraisal from David Ascher of why it didn’t work out.
  • Australia has always been a leader in the area of updating their government procurement policies to permit open source solutions. Here they are asking for input on an update to the existing policy.
  • The attacks Google faces from all round (Oracle already, and the CPTN consortium members soon one presumes) mean it feels the need to buy an instant patent portfolio with which to defend itself. Understandable, but with great power comes great responsibility; I hope they will give a patent grant to the open source community to prevent future mishaps if they turn evil after all.
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