☞ Open Source Data Points

  • OSI Board reponds to FCO Questionaire concerning CPTN Transaction
    The OSI Board was asked by the German cartel authority for further comment on the acquisition of Novell’s patent portfolio by CPTN (Microsoft, Apple, EMC, Oracle). With their permission, the newly-seated OSI Board has published its response.
  • 5th Annual North Bridge Future of Open Source Survey 2011
    The forces of commercialism in open source would love you to share your insights in this annual survey.
  • The move by the new masters in Congress to de-fund all the things in the US that have been recently installed to create more transparency speaks as well of their effectiveness as it does badly of those trying to use budget cuts as an excuse to remove them.
  • Jomar observes that the companies previously excited about open standards have significantly cooled their passions lately. My assumption is that’s because Google is now seen as the primary threat vector by those companies and Google is well able to use both open standards and open source to its advantage.
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