☞ Control Freaks

  • What an amazingly dangerous world Apple are exploring here. The scope for abuse, together with the quantisation of analogue freedoms, makes this breathtakingly poor judgement.
  • Cory makes an excellent point in this talk about how all technical measures need to evaluated not only by their effectiveness for their stated purpose but also by their potential for abuse and unintended consequences.
  • Fascinating article that reveals how the movie industry’s control-freak paranoia that treats all third-parties as criminals has as a corollary the degradation of the movie experience for paying customers becuase projectionists turn out to be untrusted third-parties who have to be controlled with ridiculous degrees of technical measures. If it’s this hard to change lenses, imagine how hard it will be to preserve the movie in the future after the business model that’s driven the technical measures has died.
  • Interesting thinking, although I’m not sure I completely agree with the diagram as open source is feasible as an ingredient at several points on the curve, and the software freedom dimension is missing.
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