☞ Poetic Justice?

  • Interesting how the government is keen to protect Cliff Richard’s pension (by criminalising his fans) and to protect celebrities against hacking yet has no policy to pursue scammers or protect against criminal hacking. Instead they prefer to allow the public domain to be eroded and to follow the advice of lobbyists representing outdated monopolistic business, creating dangerously broad laws that are just waiting to be abused.
    Think I’m extreme? That’s how US police forces are using poorly-drafted wiretap laws from a previous era to persecute citizens who try to video police misbehaviour, and in the US the same malign process is running again.
  • Still not very compelling writing, and for longer articles it’s definitely the work of a very junior reporter, but you can see the direction this is taking.
  • When we speak of free
    software, we are referring
    to freedom, not price.

    I stumbled across this almost-decade-old posting from Danny’s site after being reminded of it by his new postings.

  • Interesting move by the venerable and progressive Guardian newspaper from the UK – this is their new US-focussed home page on a new .com domain. About time the US had a new and independent voice…
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