☞ Government In Action

  • RIM has started up BlackBerry Hands-On Workshops, in which students will take apart BlackBerry smartphones to see how they work.”

    Free hoodie with every class?  Seriously, we would do far better teaching kids to program and to solder using open source software and hardware than letting major brands teach them how to be respectful consumers. Yet another problem when technological philistines attempt to legislate in areas they don’t respect, let alone understand.

  • A problem Cliff Richard and his friends just made worse. Legislators have completely lost sight of the “social contract” behind copyright and are letting the elimination of the cultural commons by the lucky rich few copyright mediators run amok.
  • Wonderful, warm, honest, inspiring and brave posting by Jeff Waugh, who I proud to count as a friend.
  • While it’s not a surprise it works, it’s good to see proof.
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