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  1. How many more years before it becomes usable on OS X? It’s taken a big step backwards in stability since the LO folks got their hands on it.

    • My experience differs from yours then. I have been very satisfied with the stability of LibreOffice on my Macs (I support 7 of them).

  2. The review of LibreOffice is not too shabby. I may still switch to LibreOffice.

    I remember suggesting OpenOffice.org to a online friend of mine. Some years back. She once stated that it’s all right she preferred MS Office. That was before some developers of openoffice.org formed TDF.

    Personally I am for personal choice of office suites. Of which everyone is entitled to make.

    I noted that office suites whether it be open source or real expensive ones can be, well, a little twitchy at times.

    But youths who have written pretty interesting storylines and fanfictions via openoffice.org. When someone says you can write 30 page story or document, bunk-hogwash. I have read somewhere that one gent used LibreOffice to write a full length book.

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