Earlier Interests

For the sake of completeness, in addition to my current disclosures I have previously been involved in the following activities which might at one time have been considered material to my interests:

  • I was a regular contributor to IDG ComputerWorldUK.
  • I wrote a monthly column for Linux Voice magazine.
  • I served as a director of the Open Source Initiative until March 2016 and as its president until 2015.
  • I served on the Illumos Administrative Council.
  • I served on the OpenSolaris Governing Board multiple times, elected by the community.
  • I was a founding Director of the Open Mobile Alliance, representing Sun Microsystems.
  • I served on the OpenSPARC Advisory Board, representing Sun Microsystems.
  • I represented Sun Microsystems on the GNOME Foundation Advisory Board.
  • I represented Sun Microsystems on the OpenJDK Governing Board and remained nominally involved until February 2011.
  • During the beta of mFlow I used their affiliate links when discussing music on their service.
  • I provided one-off consulting services to clients of Gerson Lehrman Group.
  • I acted as interim CEO of MariaDB Foundation until the end of August 2014 and as a member of its Board until the end of March 2014.
  • I provided consulting services to the Open Invention Network.
  • I wrote Open Source Strategies For The Enterprise for O’Reilly Media.
  • I once worked for Burroughs Machines Ltd, which became Unisys Ltd while I was employed there.
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