☂ Artigos em Português

Iniciando um esforço de disponibilizar o conteúdo dos artigos do Webmink em outras línguas, começamos hoje a postar as traduções para Português Brasileiro. O primeiro artigo, Liberdade de Software Significa Benefícios para as Empresas já está disponível.

Em breve, outros artigos serão disponibilizados!

☝ Private Agreements Harm Communities

I pointed yesterday to an interesting comment about contributor agreements attached to a report about Michael Meeks speech a LPC. Another comment to the same article by Meeks himself casts light on another, much more serious issue for open source communities; bilateral agreements.

Read on at ComputerWorldUK.

☂ Essays Now Creative Commons Licensed

I had a request on Identica to make one of my essays available under a Creative Commons licence so it could be translated. I thought that was such a good idea I’ve now applied a Creative Commons licence to the whole Essays section. I’d welcome any translations and will gladly post them alongside the originals with attribution.

Sharp-eyed free-culture mavens will note I have used CC-BY-SA-NC. I’m actually perfectly happy for commercial uses, but past bad experience with a certain commercial user exploiting my work in a way I regarded as unethical have left me wanting to check each commercial use in advance. It’s entirely possible I can be talked out of this, but the distaste for that episode remains strong.

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