☞ For Your Safety

  • With WikiLeaks back in the news, this story from 2009 is more relevant than ever. Having rendered WikiLeaks “illegal” last year, it’s now easy to target it without causing a stir. Banning links is simply pointless as it’s easily circumvented and inapplicable outside their jurisdiction. Once someone makes that clear, the next step could be to criminalise clicking on links to banned sites (perhaps as part of the proposed ISP filtering), at which point we’ve got to “thought police” living. This is the web equivalent of “security theatre” and it’s to be despised anywhere it shows up.
  • Excellent article by Bruce Schneier sets the benchmark for any future discussion and clearly identifies the problem as politicians and civil servants covering their backsides instead of making people as safe as possible.
  • The product is amazingly ridiculous, but the “customer reviews” have become a creative writing contest without peer.
  • Very reasonable and balanced commentary from Mark Wielaard calls for the licence terms surrounding JDK7 and 8 to be reconsidered in the light of the need for open source communities to be able to freely work with the specifications.
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