☞ Long Live The Web

  • Important article from Tim Berners-Lee that needs to be brought to the attention of legislators globally. Key quote:

    Given the many ways the Web is crucial to our lives and our work, disconnection is a form of deprivation of liberty. Looking back to the Magna Carta, we should perhaps now affirm: “No person or organization shall be deprived of the ability to connect to others without due process of law and the presumption of innocence.”

  • Looks like they plan to run SuSE as a business unit. The acquisition is partly facilitated by selling unidentified assets to Microsoft. Hopefully that won’t mean the UNIX copyrights, if SuSE is still a going concern – maybe it means WordPerfect, which would be a logical conclusion to the long-running legal fights between Microsoft and Novell.

☂ O Artigo “Tipos de Comunidades” Agora Disponível em Português

O artigo “Tipos de Comunidades” está agora disponível traduzido para o Português na seção Essays. Muito obrigado a Ana Whitby por doar seu tempo.

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