☞ Doing It Right

  • Google apparently wants to donate Wave to Apache. This can work very well for orphaned projects (Sun donated Jini when it finally was obvious it had no future as a product but was important to customers, for example). This will be very interesting to watch.
  • Diaspora private alpha just released
    I concur with all Ruth’s points here; open source projects don’t have “private alphas”. I was an enthusiastic supporter of Diaspora when they started, but they seem to have succumbed to all sorts of bad advice about retaining control of everything from apparently more experienced people and are heading towards a system with serious software freedom flaws. Orderly roll-out is one thing, but they are completely closed and following the same path with a social media system that made Wave fail.
  • Great selection that just goes to show there’s nothing new under the sun.

☂ Open Source Monetisation Essay Posted

My essay asserting that open source projects aren’t about giving stuff away for free is now available from the Essays section.

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