☞ Meta-Wikileaks

  • Dan Gillmor on leaks and journalism:

    “By [Washington Post journalist] Krauthammer’s sick standards, the death squads should be converging soon on his own offices, as well as those of the Times and London’s Guardian and more.”

  • Glenn Greenwald forcefully argues that the reaction against Wikileaks from the US establishment is lawless and unforgiveable.
  • Fascinating overview of Julian Assange’s motivations and philosophies which has led to some people describing him as a peaceful peer of the Unabomber…
  • Groklaw says licensees of OIN’s patents have a perpetual licence to those Novell patents – which Microft just paid hale a billion dollars for – as long as they join the scheme before the Deal closes in January. Glad we joined ForgeRock to OIN.
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