☞ Indemnity

  • I have been making the core point that this good WSJ article makes in my discussions with governments all over the world for the last six years, and it always makes an impression.

    It also transfers to the commercial world. The reason you need contractual indemnity when you procure proprietary software is you have no other way to attempt to protect yourself against careless or malicious infringement of the rights you or others can reasonably expect to be protected. With open source, as long as there’s a sufficiently diverse community around the software the best assurance you can get comes from them, and indemnity adds nothing.


  • Excellent claim-by-claim takedown of the the rubbish people have been spouting against Google for deciding to omit H.264 video from Chrome’s HTML5 support.
  • Very interesting gallery of (mainly HTML5) sample web applications. Shows just what can be achieved without ever going near Flash or Java. The new WebGL section on the site is jaw-dropping – you’ll need to run Chrome with a command-line switch to enable the experimental WebGL support though.
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