☝ Fixing The Chilling Effect of Trademarks

Brazil’s new License for Trademarks (Licença Pública de Marca, or LPM) adds additional rights on top of those delivered by open source. It ensures that any trademarks used in the software can be freely used by the community and means that control of trademarks can’t be used to chill the ability to exercise the four freedoms. Is the answer to trademark conflicts like we’ve seen around Hudson and LibreOffice?

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☞ Fixing The JCP

  • A very astute move by Oracle here. They are proposing that the seat on the Java Community Process Executive Committee vacated by Apache should be filled by the São Paulo-based Brazilian Java User Group SouJava, represented by my charming and smart friend and former Sun colleague Bruno Souza (who incidentally also represents ForgeRock in Brazil and is a co-author here on webmink.com). 

    I think that given the circumstances this is the best outcome that could have been achieved and I hope Bruno and SouJava will be able to use their new position of influence to fix the broken things (like the opaque decision-making and the ability to have FOSS-hostile licensing terms on JSRs).


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