☞ New Moves

  • By a massive margin (214 to 14) the Hudson community has decided to rename itself Jenkins and rehost on independent resources. I just hope Oracle decides to stay with the community and not try to keep a fork going.
  • As well as the usual ODF testing opportunity, this event promises to have valuable open-source-in-government content as well.
  • Interesting idea that I am sure will become more common. Pity it’s only on Kindle; I would have preferred an open format.

Ⓕ New OpenDJ Architect

Last week I broke the news that ForgeRock (where I work) had gained an architect for OpenIDM. Today is the last day of ForgeRock’s first year, and I’m pleased to say we have gained an architect for the open source LDAP directory product we work on, OpenDJ.

Matthew Swift comes with great experience, having worked on the OpenDS project before at Sun Microsystems where he was responsible for the core server (its performance; reliability; administration model and tools) as well as developing many new core features. He’s already dived in with ideas about how ForgeRock should contribute to the OpenDJ roadmap, including planning for a new v3 release of OpenDJ with a redesigned core server so that the v2 base can be kept as stable as possible for existing users, adding only usability features and mainly fixing bugs.

This is a great end to a great first year. Welcome to ForgeRock, Matthew!

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