Ⓕ Another RockStar at ForgeRock

You’ll recall that ForgeRock (where I work) launched the OpenIDM project back in October. One of the key control points in enterprise software is the provisioning or IDM software. It’s the point all the threads of directory, authentication, authorisation and provisioning come together and it’s the part that the proprietary vendors are least willing to surrender to that great deposer of control points, community-based open source software.

It’s already stimulated a great deal of interest and we already have a number of customers for it. We realised it needs a great engineer to act as ForgeRock’s lead architect for OpenIDM. So I am delighted to say that, starting today, Andreas Egloff is joining ForgeRock as Chief Architect, OpenIDM. Andi headed up OpenESB development at Sun and was the force behind the Fuji project that was creating its successor. His skills in identity management in general and in identity oriented enterprise middleware will be crucial in helping the OpenIDM project evolve quickly yet with architectural integrity.

Having Andi join the team rounds out an amazing first year wonderfully – welcome, Andi!

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  1. Former Sun people don’t seem to have much imagination… do none of them want to work on something different for a change when they leave?!

  2. Hehe 🙂 Let’s just say we have some unfinished business to take care of. Ironically enough that unfinished business often is cutting edge innovation, we just need the right partner that is willing and able to push the envelope.

  3. Awesome to hear another Sun person join 🙂

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