☆ OBR Progress Report

The Open-By-Rule Benchmark I talked about recently has now had several workouts, and there are a number more under review ready for future posting. So far, it seems to be working out well, with projects receiving scores that (to my eyes at least) are an accurate reflection of the openness. It’s been clear that every project has it’s strengths and weaknesses and that there’s no perfect model. I like the way the benchmark allows for this; as the dial I’m displaying suggests, I think an overall score below -2 suggests a closed project, a score over +2 suggests an open project and in between is a twilight zone.

While this is very satisfying, there’s certainly a need to do more work. I think I should revise the Benchmark in the light of experience (for example to make it clearer how scores work), but before doing that I’d like to rank a few more projects with it – preferably smaller than the ones ranked so far. I’d welcome your submission – just follow the instructions.

If you’ve not been following the process so far, take a look at the project scorecards to date:

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