☞ Freedom and Long Life

  • But the observation that I found most telling was that the governance model has actually freed up blockages in the decision-making processes. This is despite initial concerns expressed by some project members that a governance model could be unnecessary bureaucracy.

  • I’m on a panel at OSBC this year. It’s the first time I’ve been back to OSBC for ages – if you’ll be in San Francisco that week let me know.
  • Autocompletion brings liability
    Seems that now Google has agreed to fix search results for China, the Gulf states and others, the capability is established and they will need to also fix them for anyone else who takes offence at the roll of the dice and can afford a hot lawyer.
  • If you had any connection with the BBS movement in the heady days before the endemic Internet, you’ll know about Kermit. Columbia has finally decided it’s not a viable business and by the looks of it they are considering making it open source – excellent choice.
  • Festival Bell: Fairport Convention
    Fairport are still going strong four decades on, and this new studio album is pretty good, with strong tracks written by Chris Leslie and Ralph McTell and other good stuff too. Makes me want to go to Cropredy again…
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