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  • So Microsoft doesn’t have a patent on XML in document processing in New Zealand. Excellent result for the New Zealand Open Source Society here – congratulations to everyone who has been involved over the long haul involved in the case.
  • While this is a contractual matter at the moment, it’s easy to imagine how HP could make an anti-trust complaint concerning use of market dominance in the software market to attempt to gain control in the hardware market. Presumably Oracle has thought of that and has a defence?
  • So much for “cross-platform”. This is the problem with corporate-controlled platform strategies – arbitrary changes in direction over which you can have no influence can happen at any point to blow you out of the water. Best stick to open standards and community-led activity. HTML 5 anyone?

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  1. I’m sure Adobe will still claim “cross-platform” because it works on Windows an OS X (plus iOS and Android). That’s all most companies do – and half of them say it for just the desktop pair.

    TBH, I don’t think I’ll miss Adobe Air much. I couldn’t find a decent Linux-based Twitter client, and I never tried TweetDeck because it a) tried to be a ‘native’ app while looking non-native and b) required Adobe Air. Beyond that, I know of minimal Air apps. Write Or Die (a desktop app my wife uses to stop procrastination while writing) is about the only other example I’ve ever seen.

    Losing a technology on Linux isn’t good, but if the takeup of it wasn’t that large then it probably isn’t an important loss. I’m sure things can be even better with HTML5 and other technologies (including native apps for some things).

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