☝ The FT and the App Trap

I got an e-mail from the Financial Times yesterday, announcing their new “FT App”. That sounded unusual; after all, the FT has had an iPad/iPhone app for some time. I took a look, and found the whole world of mobile publishing waiting for me in microcosm. It’s not open source, but I see the same yearning after freedom driving choices here.

What’s happened is that the FT has scrapped their native Apple app for the iPad and iPhone, and replaced it with a purpose-built HTML 5 web site that can be installed on the iPad home screen as an app. The result looks and feels just like the old native app. It doesn’t work on older devices like the first-generation iPod Touch (the redirect to m.ft.com amusingly says “slow device”), but on the iPad it’s pretty slick.

Why have they done this? Read my view on ComputerWorldUK.

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