☞ Monopolist-in-waiting

  • It’s not enough to be the richest company in the world. Everyone else has to fail as well.
  • Reading around this subject, it is really hard to imagine a tablet computer design that would not fall foul of Apple’s over-broad definitions here. If you’ve used an Android tablet, you’ll know that the experience of doing so is very different from using an iPad. By taking these unreasonable and anti-competitive actions, Apple is actually asking us to consider the iPad and the family of Android tablets as peers – a very odd behaviour from a company who in the past have encouraged people to look beyond similar appearance to superior behaviour. Given I actually prefer my Android tablet to an iPad (yes, I have used both) maybe the deep truth here is Apple knows their product will prove inferior to the rapidly-evolving Android tablet really soon unless they can use dirty tactics to stifle it?
  • “We need to face the facts, patent law is killing job creation. If the current administration wants to improve job creation, change patent law and watch jobs among small technology companies develop instantly”

    — Mark Cuban

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