☝ Amazon Escapes The App Trap

As I predicted in June, Amazon has quietly launched read.amazon.com, a full-featured HTML 5 version of the Kindle that runs perfectly on the iPad, looks for all the world like a native application after it’s been added to the iPad home screen as an icon and can even store books to read offline. Goodbye, Apple app store. Read my thoughts on why they have done this over on ComputerWorldUK.

☆ OggCamp Approaching

If you’re in the south of England (or want to travel here) don’t forget that OggCamp is being held this weekend.

OggCamp 11 is a free two-day unconference (unscheduled conference) for anyone who loves anything related to technology, data, culture, community, open source…and more!

It’s in Farnham, just off the M3, and you’ll want to arrive early on Saturday to be more likely to gain admission as all the advance tickets appear to have sold out.

It’s a hybrid event with a planned track (on which I am speaking Saturday morning) and with an audienced-planned unconference along side. It is sure to be lively and interesting, not least because of the organisers who are from two of the more colourful software freedom podcasts!

See you there!

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